Differences and Similarities of Wood Processing

wood Processing Multiplex or plywood is made from processed wood bark and relatively stronger than other wood types such as HDF, MDF, blockboard and particle board. How to make plywood with collecting bark multi - layered and then in the press. Quality plywood / multiplex better than other types of wood because it has more strength and water resistance stronger.

Blockboard layer made of wood pieces are arranged horizontally. Blockboard resemblance to the multiplex because the lining is composed of pieces of wood the only difference is in the preparation of the wood pieces. If blockboard had arranged horizontally, but vertically arranged multiplex.
Plywood and blockboard usually leather teak, Sungkai and others. While particle board and MDF is usually used for furniture that is already finished and exterior coatings using textured paper.

Particle board made of rough wood dust pressed and have pores - larger pores than MDF or HDF so very susceptible to water. Particle board is a wood that is very poor quality compared to other wood because apart easily penetrated by water is also not able to withstand heavy loads. While the MDF has a better quality than the particle board and is often used for the base material of furniture.

conclusion Furniture with multiplex and blockboard have a higher price than MDF or particle board. This is due to layers better than MDF and particle board. In choosing the material of furniture, you should adjust your furniture needs to be content with a load that can fit furniture.