Tips on How to prevent mold in the closet / furniture

Closet is one item that has many uses. this matter seen from the title wardrobe, dresser, closet / shelving books, cabinets / racks of shoes, and cupboards / shelves or glass plates. With designation as much as it shows that the cabinets are furniture that truly multifunctional.

In addition, based on functions and basic materials, cabinets also varied forms according to the function of each. There are three forms of the closet door, two doors, one door, not even a door. There is also a cupboard door coated glass to block the entry of dust as well as a mirror on the dresser. Its size varies, from a high cupboard and large, medium, and small.

With its many functions, cabinets require treatment or regular cleaning and in different ways according to the type of material. One of the cabinets that require extra care is the closet based from dung compacted saws.

At a certain temperature circumstances, especially cold temperatures, cabinets with this material are vulnerable moldy so we should really provide more care. Besides moldy, closet with basic material is highly preferred as ants nesting place.

Here are a few simple tips to prevent your closet of fungi and ants.

* Do not place the closet too attached to the wall because in the rainy season wall have moisture levels high enough so that it can led to the growth of mold. Place closet about 5-10 cm from the walls of your home.

* Check the back of the closet every once a week to ensure that you are safe from the fungus closet.

* Wash cabinets with pull out items that exist in them. Then, drying cabinets or bonding with light the sun. This Lakukanhal minimum of 2 weeks or 1 month.

* Special wardrobe, do not put clothes in the closet before it is completely dry. In addition to causing odor also will invite mold and be a place that convenient for nesting ants.

* If you've already moldy closet, wipe mold with dry cloth. After missing clumps of mold, wipe with a damp cloth until it’s really clean. Then, drying cupboard until completely dry. Once dry, you can rub eucalyptus oil or oils with fragrances to prevent ants. Make sure the oil is used will not leave marks on clothes.

* The final step, before reuse save some grains camphor in the closet. Another way is camphor smoothed then wrapped in cloth and rub it on the entire surface cabinets to replace the earlier perfume.

* To prevent the return of the fungus, the back of your closet can becoated with duct tape as close as possible. Duct tape can also function to prevent moisture on contact with the wall cabinets.