Tips on how to use Wood Flooring & Treatment

Select a good quality wood flooring The wood floors are suitable for home material, is made of weather-resistant wood and termites. Such as teak, ebony, iron or ironwood, marine resin, bangkirai, and merbau. Make sure you buy the wood has a moisture content which is very minimal, because if the water content is high, the wood will be easy to expand, shrink even cracked.

Install the appropriate field of space Previous first consider the size of the room where the wooden floor will be in pairs. When sufficiently large, the basic floor structure should be strengthened. So also with hardwood floors that are soft, basically other material should be coated in advance so that the wood does not easily absorb water from the soil surface. Medium hard wood floors manifold, reinforce the floor structure with the use of nails or other adhesive, depending on the condition.
Create a timber arrangement by the field of space, which is the field that extends floor, preferably in the timber sheet stacking vertically. Medium to wide areas of the floor, craft wood sheets horizontally. This arrangement will allow you to put furniture. In order to maximize the appearance of wood, make sure the condition of the wood surface is flat and neat. For uneven floor surface will damage the wood and the comfort room.

Excess Wood Floor Excess use of wood flooring is, cool in the heat, warm when cold, beautiful and elegant, comfortable, familiar, do not catch a cold if ravished, hygienic and non Allergy, not dismantle and destroy the initial floor, the conditions are not lining up to peel, stain and scratch resistant and cigarette fire (when using corundum crystal layer), does not change color, waterproof and waterproof (when the top layer using a laminate).
In addition, wood flooring has many colors and patterns to suit the desired interior, odorless, easily cleaned, repaired or replaced, not seriously hurt if you fall on it, not noisy at times trampled, not humid in the room AC, suitable for the area tropical and mountainous, suitable for audio and video room, saving installation time and maintenance.

Notice the treatment well In order for wooden floors remain beautiful and durable, you should be careful to take care of him. When cleaning the floor, use a soft broom of furry material or vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner). Avoid cleaning the wood with a damp cloth, as well as cleaning hardwood floors, are not allowed.
Remember, the main enemy of wood is water and damp wood will not last long. Moreover, the wood floors are basically only able to or can hold water from the top layer only. Therefore, it is recommended for the use specialized floor cleaning tool.
When exposed to water spills, cement or paint, not too problematic origin shall be drained so that the fluid does not absorb into the wood floor and make it broken. When put furniture, preferably rubber coated base legs first. Similarly, when moving furniture, should be appointed should not be withdrawn, so that the floor is not experiencing scratches. Although the "hostile" to the water, but the pores of the wood floor must be kept moist. For that, every three months, wood floors should be rubbed with some sort of liquid moisturizer. Being on the wooden floor ready to install, usually in the form of a series of similar substances that penyatuannya coated formalin. Although formaldehyde is a chemical that is not favored by termites, in order to continue durable and protected from rodents this target, you should give an injection of anti-termite in three years.

How to remove stains on wood floor - Water spots: Water can cause white spots formed on the wood floor finish. Apply a small amount of mineral spirits to pad extra-fine steel wool and rub the area saw in a circular motion.
- Food stains: Wipe the area with a damp cloth, then dry rub and wax.

How to prevent scratches Slide or pads on the bottom of furniture legs to prevent scratches, dents and other forms of damage to the finished floor. To keep looking for the best wooden floors, carpets and runners placed in the traffic areas. Be careful when moving heavy objects to avoid scuffing.
For the solution, cheap easy: socks sliding into a chair and table legs so they do not scratch the floor when moving furniture around. If you have pets, trim nails or nails on a regular basis so as not to damage the floor from time to time. Use a soft broom hair when sweeping the floor to prevent scratches. If vacuuming, be sure to turn on the switch intended for the floor.

How to rub out scuff brand Use a little water and rub the sore area." For the stubborn marks, you can spray the fabric with hardwood floor cleaner and lightly scrub clean. Or gently stroke the pad extra-fine steel wool.

How to remove dent heel and other gouges A beautiful stiletto heels can turn heads, but destroy your hardwood floors. For the fix the spike heels pockmarked created - and gouges left by furniture - you may need to sand the floor to the raw wood and refinish it, Swindoll said. Follow these steps to refinish wood floors.

How to repair scratches If your floor is a victim of scratches that do not penetrate all the way through the wood, you can fix in a few hours. Here is a few quick and easy fixes : - Take a marker. Hide scratches the surface by touching them with a stain-filled.
- Rub scratches with the end of a quarter. If this does not hide early enough, rub a small amount of paste wax and buff with a soft cloth.
- Walnut is more than just a snack. Repair shallow scratches with rubbing shelled nuts on the surface. The natural oils in nuts help cover the shortfall.
- Spot the sand. Use extra-fine sandpaper or steel wool to gently buff the area is scratched or cracked, then use a cotton swab or a small brush to restain wood.