Film Face Plywood

Film Face Plywood

Plywood coated with a sheet of Phenol Formaldehydefilm (45 / 125 gsm) on either one or both sides. Film Face is a plywood made with a hardwood face and back with optional hardwood or softwood core.

The plywood is edge sealed to minimise the ingress of water.

Film faced plywood is available with a smooth glass like finish on both faces or with a mesh pattern imprinted on the face to improve anti slip properties.

The surfaces are hard wearing, and different weights of film are available to suit the abrasion and wearing performance required.

Results in smooth concrete surfaces

Benefits of Film Face Plywood

  • Renewable Resource – A natural product from a renewable resource.
  • Beautiful – Preferred because of its warmth and natural markings.
  • Strength – Unique cross-layered structure makes it kilo for kilo, stronger than steel.
  • Efficiency – Uses more of the log than timber.
  • Versatility – Can be bent and formed to meet various sizes and shapes.
  • Durability – Long-lasting and good resistance to damage.
available thickness : 2mm – 21mm
Re-usability : 8–10 times Function : Building Construction (Form work), Furniture